ATV Temple Run Ubud Quad Bike with Lunch and Pool Start $30

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  • ATV Temple Run Ubud Quad Bike with Lunch and Pool Start $30
  • ATV Temple Run Ubud Quad Bike with Lunch and Pool Start $30
  • ATV Temple Run Ubud Quad Bike with Lunch and Pool Start $30
  • ATV Temple Run Ubud Quad Bike with Lunch and Pool Start $30
  • ATV Temple Run Ubud Quad Bike with Lunch and Pool Start $30
  • ATV Temple Run Ubud Quad Bike with Lunch and Pool Start $30
  • ATV Temple Run Ubud Quad Bike with Lunch and Pool Start $30
  • ATV Temple Run Ubud Quad Bike with Lunch and Pool Start $30
  • ATV Temple Run Ubud Quad Bike with Lunch and Pool Start $30
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$ 80 $ 30 / pax

A Bali quad bike adventure or an ATV ride is a fun family activity in Ubud. Riding with guides who will make sure they stay safe, the kids can enjoy an amazing trip via rice fields, temples, Tunell, forests, and rivers. Enjoy yourself and create some wonderful family memories!

Currently offering a low-cost promotion at Rp. 450 thousand per person, Temple Run Ubud ATV is one of the best ATV tour companies in Silakarang, Ubud, Bali. The Denpasar and Kuta tourism regions are the closest ATV location in Ubud.

For those of you who are unsure where to discover the closest ATV site in Ubud, Bali, it is suggested that you go to Silakarang Village, which is located exactly south of the town centre. Here, you may have a fun-filled vacation with an exhilarating ATV experience.

Temple Run Bali ATV Ubud is located 30 kilometres from Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport and takes around 35 minutes to get there. With its thrilling course and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, this ATV location provides an exhilarating ATV riding experience.

ATV Silakarang offers a natural course that can be completed in one hour and thirty minutes when combined with Bali ATV Temple Run Adventure. You will receive 1 Temple Run Bali ATV with safety gear like a helmet and boots along with an expert ATV guide for your Ubud ATV trip.

Paths and Tracks at Temple Run Bali Adventure

You will always have a guide with you when you go on an ATV excursion through rice fields, waterfalls, and caverns. A tour of Silakarang's traditional village will be provided to you in addition to that.

If you run into issues or problems throughout your journey, a qualified guide will assist and keep an eye on things. The music that Temple Run ATV Ubud will play is listed below.

River and Mud Trails

There is a long, winding trail that you will pass for one hour and thirty minutes. Get ready to face exhilarating off-road tracks that wind through forests and over rivers.

With your loved ones, cross the river in your ATV vehicle and go through the village woodland. The thrill of having to breach the water channel and cause water to spray everywhere will then hit you.

But you should always remember to dress appropriately and be prepared for some dirt. Because wearing clothes on an outing will undoubtedly get them wet and dirty from a muddy track.

It will therefore be easier for you to move around while operating the ATV if you dress in simple, comfortable clothing.

Instagrammable photo spot

In addition to conquering difficult tracks, this Temple Run ATV Bali trip offers some highly Instagrammable locations.

This location is great for taking pictures of breathtaking vistas, like rice fields, waterfalls, and caves with incredible dragon faces. This route offers a blend of the natural world and artistic creations.

Rice Field Track

You will travel past stunning rice fields owned by the locals along this route. Neatly lined up along the ATV route are rice fields with glimpses of green rice.

It goes without saying that you will view this pleasant and appealing green scenery on your adventure before the harvest arrives.

Many ATV Temple Run Bali adventure participants would stop at this waterfall location to rest and immortalise their journey by shooting great images with the waterfall in the background.

If you wish to snap cool shots here, your ATV guide will give you their finest service. You can request that the guide pause for a bit to assist you in taking photographs.

Unique and Cool Ubud Cave

Not far from the waterfall is an artificial cave in addition to the waterfall location. It's also a great place to pose with this unusual cave backdrop. The cave mouth has an extremely distinctive and lovely shape.

ATVs will be used by the participants in this ATV Temple Run event. Due to the fact that this route will pass through a brief cave, where you can pause briefly to take a picture in front of the cave's face. You may be sure that some of the aforementioned backdrop locations will provide you with captivating and remarkable pictures during your journey.



ATV Temple Run + Lunch + Pool

USD $45 /pax

Duration between 1.5 Hours - 2 Hours depending how fast you riding. maximum ATV with good riding 1.5hours.



ATV Temple Run

USD $30 /pax

Duration : 50 - 60 menit ( around 1 Hour)


  • Professional ATV Ride Instructor
  • 1.5 - 2 Hours ATV ride for Packages A
  • Well Maintain Bikes and Safety Tools
  • Use Of Towels and Shower Facilities
  • Changing Room and Toilet Facilities
  • Waterproof Boots
  • Lunch & Pool Access for Packages A
  • Insurance Coverage 7 - 60 years
  • 21% Government Tax and Service Charge


Return Transferdrinks, photo, video, and other personal expenses like souvenir


  • Minimum 2 participant,
  • Age from 7 years old


Hotel Pick-Up & Transfer Service (Return Transfer /car)

Extra Charge :

  • Ubud USD $20
  • Seminyak, Sanur, Kuta, Canggu, Legian USD $25
  • Jimbaran, Nusa Dua USD $35
  • Uluwatu USD $40

ATV Option :

➖ Single Quad Bike

For Single ATV is a popular ATV ride among explorers since it allows you to drive an ATV without worrying about the people behind you. That implies you'll be riding the ATV by yourself. There is only one ATV with one rider and no passengers.

As a result, this package is ideal for explorers who seek more freedom when driving their ATV and conquering all challenges, including waterfalls.

➖ Tandem Quad Bike

Families with children typically take these. because kids are just travellers who take up the rear seats. so that they can enjoy their Bali ATV activities in safety.

In addition to being picked by the family, some people would rather work in tandem to overcome all these thrilling challenges. They can also switch seats halfway through the ATV Tandem.

Preparation before joining Temple Run Bali ATV Adventure

We recommend that you prepare some things before joining Temple Run Bali ATV Ubud so that your trip is safer and you have a great time. Please review the preparations required;

Bring a change of clothes

Crossing rivers and muddy tracks will undoubtedly get your clothes wet and nasty. As a result, it is strongly advised to pack a change of clothes when participating in this ATV adventure.

After cleaning yourself in the shower, you can change your dirty clothing in the changing room that has been prepared.


Wear sunglasses; this is especially crucial for daylight travels. because you can avoid sun glare during your excursion.

Because most ATV helmets do not have a visor on the front, you can wear sunglasses as an alternative.

Bring a Camera

In actuality, you are not need to bring the camera. That being said, you should remember this if you wish to capture every breathtaking moment of your journey.

Select an action camera type to enable you to capture high-quality images. Considering that this kind of camera often includes a waterproof feature and a simple design. For outdoor activities, it is therefore safer to use and easier to carry.

Tips for Riding an ATV in Ubud Bali

It is advisable to follow the suggestions while on the Temple Run ATV Bali trip for mutual safety. Let's have a look at some precautions to take before riding an ATV in Ubud, Bali.

  • Wear the provided safety equipment, such as helmets and boots.
  • Before your ATV adventure begins, follow the directions given to you by your guide.
  • If you are a beginner or have never been on an ATV trip before, avoid freestyle.
  • Do not exceed the speed limit announced before to the ATV trip.
  • It is not advisable to lower your legs while the ATV is running to protect your legs from impact.
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