Nusa Penida Island in Bali all You Need to Know Before Going and Have a Fun Vacation

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Nusa Penida Island in Bali all You Need to Know Before Going and Have a Fun Vacation
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Information about "Nusa Penida Island, All you need to know before going" is always sought, especially for those of you who are planning to go to this beautiful island. This is not only about choosing the tourist location that you will visit, but also about how you can leave without problems and can return home safely.

The charm of Nusa Penida is undeniable

You can enjoy the beauty of the beach and stunning underwater panoramas, and refreshing waterfalls, or interact with residents while appreciating their unique cultural products. But before reaching various beautiful places on this island, you may also have to prepare supplies, cash, and transportation plans for other technical matters.

In this article, let's listen to all the information on Nusa Penida Island that you need to know before going. The goal is that your tour trip is free of obstacles, and doesn't need to be accompanied by various complicated obstacles, let alone dangerous ones.

Facts About Nusa Penida Island, Indonesia

Let's start the discussion by getting to know more about this island which is nicknamed "Blue Heaven". Following are important facts about Nusa Penida to support your vacation preparations:

– Nusa Penida is one of the beautiful islands belonging to Indonesia which is southeast of Bali. From the Island of the Gods, Bali, you have to cross the sea using a fast boat to the port there.

– Tourist destinations in Nusa Penida are divided into three points, namely in the southern region (Tebing Banah, Tembeling Beach, Segening Waterfall, and Paguyangan Springs), western area (Broken Beach, Angel Billabong, Paluang Cliff, Kelingking Beach, and others), as well as the eastern area (Atuh beach, Molenteng Tree House, Suwehan beach, Teletubbies Hill, Goa Giri Putri. Dewi Kwan Im Temple and others).

- Motorcycle and car rental services are available to various lodgings to support the mobility of tourists. You can also enjoy a variety of culinary specialties on the island.

– Tourism infrastructure, including road access and other facilities is still under construction. You should coordinate with a professional tour guide to get a location recommendation with hassle-free access.

– The existence of various tour and travel service companies that you can choose to make travel easier to Nusa Penida. The tour guides can also make it easier for you to find out about Nusa Penida Island all you need to know before going.

Important Preparations Before Departing For Vacation To Nusa Penida

Wherever you are going to depart for a trip to Nusa Penida, you should prepare various things related to the supplies that will be brought, as well as the best way to travel to this island. Let's follow the following steps so that you can have a holiday in Nusa Penida safely and have fun:

Specify the time and location of the tour to be visited

Nusa Penida has various tourist sites that cannot be visited in one day. First, determine how long you will vacation on this beautiful island. For short vacations, for example, only a few days, you should not be ambitious to reach all tourist attractions.

Focus on choosing the tourist attractions that interest you the most. That is, you should enrich your references about various tourist sites in Nusa Penida, their advantages and disadvantages, and what things you can do later. Information about the profile of complete tourist attractions in Nusa Penida is scattered on the Internet.

Adjust Vacation Plans with the Available Budget

A limited budget shouldn't be a reason to postpone a vacation. Because the size of the funds for a vacation is very relative and can be adjusted according to vacation plans and goals. For a frugal vacation, you can choose a backpack style by using the most economical mode of transportation. You can even take Nusa Penida tour packages from trusted tour and travel service companies to save on budget.

Don't Carry Too Many Items

Try to travel with compact luggage, especially if you are traveling alone. But if you have a team, assistants, and lots of money to rent comfortable transportation, the luggage can be more and less hassle. It is not recommended to bring flashy jewelry or large electronic devices.

But whatever your circumstances, make sure to only bring essential items, such as a change of clothes, cleaning supplies, sunblock, and footwear. The shorter the supplies, the better and you don't have to bother carrying them when you leave, move places, or when returning home.

Bring Cash

Most tourist sites in Nusa Penida carry the theme of beautiful nature and you most likely cannot make payments or withdraw cash at an ATM. Instead of bothering to find a place to cash out, it is highly recommended to bring cash, so that any payment process can be done smoothly.

Prioritize the Use of Fast Boats to Reach Nusa Penida Island

When you arrive at the port of Bali, there are many transportation options to get to the island of Nusa Penida. You can use traditional boats owned by residents, but taking a fast boat is more recommended for comfort, safety along the way, and speed. Make sure you have booked well in advance, or better yet, take a Nusa Penida vacation package from a trusted tour and travel service company.

When you have set Nusa Penida as a tourist destination for this year's holiday season, you should already have a good reason to come and enjoy the various tourist options on offer. The beauty of nature in various locations in Nusa Penida is undeniable. Not surprisingly, local and foreign tourists flock here to be able to get a variety of amazing tourist experiences.

Is the information about Nusa Penida Island all you need to know before going as described above sufficient? If you still have other things you want to know about this island and how to travel safely and smoothly, please call +62857-3982-4199. Also, check our official website at to check the complete information about Nusa Penida Island tour packages and other beautiful islands in Indonesia.

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